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"My goal is to provide you with an improved natural appearance through my meticulous attention to detail and pursuit of perfection for each patient. These factors underscore my commitment to a thorough consultation, pre-operative education and post-operative care. I would be happy to meet with you and speak with you regarding your personal goals."
- Dr. Douglas Hendricks

Breast Augmentation Incisions

Newport Beach, Orange County, California

In addition to the size and type of breast implant you want for your breast enlargement procedure, you will also discuss where the incision will be made with Dr. Hendricks. The incision placement will also depend on your physique, level of physical activity, and if you have had a previous breast augmentation. Dr. Hendricks will ultimately make the final decision on which incision he believes is best.

Inframammary Incision

Inframammary incisions are made in the fold below the breast. The size of the incision depends on the type of breast implant you are getting. A smaller incision is made for saline implants than that for silicone implants. Inframammary incisions are best for silicone implants and are the second most popular incision type used in breast augmentation. There is a smaller chance of complications and takes less time than other incision procedures. While there is a scar below the breast, its location makes it very unnoticeable.


Periareolar incisions are incisions at the edge of the areola and skin of the breast. The breast implant is inserted and then adjusted by Dr. Hendricks for correct symmetry.
If you are getting silicone breast implants, the periareolar incision can be performed if you have average sized areolas. This is because silicone implants come prefilled from the manufacturer and the incision must be large enough to place them. If you have a higher than average risk of scarring, the periareolar may not be the best option for your breast augmentation incision.


Axillary incisions are made in the armpit crease. Both Silicone and Saline implants may be inserted through Dr. Hendricks’ use of an endoscope. This is a long tube with a camera and light attached, which is connected to a computer. Dr. Hendricks can see what he is doing by looking at the computer monitor. A small incision can be made since the endoscope is narrow. Saline implants are placed and then filled to the desired volume.
Recovery may be more uncomfortable with the axillary incision, but there is no scarring on the breast itself. The scar is in the armpit and may be visible if you wear a bathing suit or a tank top.

If you have questions about these breast augmentation incisions or other questions about breast augmentation, please contact Dr. Hendricks at Pacifica Cosmetic Surgery Center in the Newport Beach and Orange County, California area.
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