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Breast Augmentation Risks and Complications

Newport Beach, Orange County, California

Although the benefits of breast augmentation outweigh the risks, we believe it is in your best interest to know as much about potential complications that can occur. Dr. Hendricks wants his patients to be educated about any plastic surgery procedure they may undergo. Breast enlargement surgery is a fantastic way to improve your aesthetic profile, but it is a type of invasive surgery with risks.


  • Capsular contracture Scarring around the breast implant can make the implant feel firm, look unnatural and cause pain. Severe capsular contracture may result in surgery to correct the problem. Placing the breast implant beneath the muscle reduces the chance of capsular contracture.
  • Displacement The larger your implant, the greater the chance it will move downward. Most patients will never notice any displacement if it occurs.
  • Infection Less than one percent of breast augmentation patients will suffer infections. Most infections are cleared up with antibiotics and removal of the implant. If you need to have an implant removed because of infection, you may have to wait several months before a new one can be placed.
  • Interference with mammograms If your breast implant is placed above the breast muscle, there is a chance it can interfere with the results of your mammograms. However, their placement will not interfere with self examination or MRIs.
  • Numbness A very few women experience numbness in their breasts after their breast augmentation. Most of the time, this numbness will only last a few weeks. However, in rare instances the numbness can be permanent.
  • Rippling The saline breast implant can cause a wavy appearance visible in the skin as the saline shifts around. Rippling is most likely to occur when breast implants are placed subglandularly rather than submuscularly.
  • Saline deflation If your saline implants leak, they will deflate and cause the breast to shrink. This is because saline is naturally occurring in your body and is readily absorbed. A breast implant exchange procedure will be needed to correct this.
  • Silicone rupture Silicone implants filled with silicone gel can rupture without you realizing it. Silicone gel is not absorbed into the body and will stay in the pocket created for your breast implant. A rupture may cause capsular contracture and will need another surgery to correct this. Silicone has been deemed safe by the Food and Drug Administration.

If you are in the Newport Beach or Orange County, California area, and are interested in finding out more about the risks and complications of breast augmentation surgery, please contact experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Hendricks at Pacifica Cosmetic Surgery Centertoday.

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