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Breast Enlargement Surgery

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Newport Beach Breast Enlargement

n the past, options for breast enlargement surgeries were limited in the placement of the implant as well as in the placement of the incision for the surgery. Plastic surgeons most often used the areola incision (in the outer edge of the areola) or the inframammary incision (in the crease under the breast), and the breast implant was placed over the muscle, behind the breast tissue.

Now, Plastic surgeon Dr. Hendricks offers quite a few options as to where the incision for the breast enlargement surgery will be made, and where the breast implant will be placed. All of these choices aim to conceal any postoperative scarring.

Dr. Hendricks can also choose to place implants over the muscle (subglandular), partially under the muscle (partial sub-pectoral), or completely under the muscle (complete submuscular). Through these three placement options, Dr. Hendricks can give you the shape and results that you want from your breast enlargement surgery.


Breast Enlargement Incisions

Before deciding where the incision or implant will be made, you should discuss with Dr. Hendricks the results you are looking for with the breast enlargement. Dr. Hendricks will tell you what kind of incision and breast implant placement will provide you with the results that you are looking for.

The inframammary incision is made in the crease on the underside of the breast, and it is the most common incision for breast enlargement surgeries. The advantage of this incision is that if there are any postoperative complications, they can be taken care of through the same incision.

Areola incisions are made where the dark skin of the areola meets the lighter breast tissue. This incision allows Dr. Hendricks to work directly above the breast enlargement area he or she is operating on.

The transaxillary incision is made in the crease of the armpit. This incision allows postoperative scarring to be concealed by the natural fold of the arm, and is farther away from the breast. Since this incision is farther away from the breast, it is more difficult to perform the surgery. The plastic surgeon you select should have plenty of experience with this form of breast enlargement surgery if this is the incision you choose.


Breast Implant Placement

Depending on what shape and results you want from your breast enlargement surgery, Dr. Hendricks may suggest placing the implant over the muscle, completely under the muscle, or partially under the muscle.

When the breast implant is placed on top of the muscle, behind the breast tissue it is referred to as subglandular, or "over." This is the most common placement for breast implants. This placement is advantageous for larger breast implants, and cleavage is easily created. Unfortunately, overs have a higher risk of capsular contracture and rippling.

Breast implants that are placed partially under the muscle are referred to as partial unders. In this procedure, the upper two thirds of the breast implant is placed under the muscle, while the lower third is supported by skin and breast tissue. Partial unders allow for a more natural slope of the breast, lower risk of rippling, and lower risk of capsular contracture.

Complete submuscular, or total unders, are when the implant is placed completely under the chest muscle. In reality, the upper two thirds of the implant is covered by muscle, while the lower third is covered by connective tissue. Total unders allow for more support for the implant because there is more tissue holding up the breast implant. Total unders have a lower risk of rippling, bottoming out, and capsular contracture and allow for better mammogram readings.

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